Welcome to the Smug Vegetarian. This is where I unpack my brain before going back out to guzzle more information. Feel free to nose around.

Or, you can have a look at some of my favorite links:


Am I Annoying Dot Com Who's more annoying, Saddam Hussein or those pesky unemployment figures? You be the judge.
BBSpot.com Geek-specific social satire. Sample: "Student suspended for suspected use of PHP."
Blog JJ bitches, moans, and rants.

Woolgathering. Lists for lists' sake.

Dictionary Fun An educational timesuck. Has a thesaural lookup, too.

Faith Based Vegetarianism

It's not just for Hindus anymore. Here's one of my favorite Christian ones.
Free-English.com Free ESL resources for teachers and students. Cool games and free courseware.
How Stuff Works Just what it says.
Indy Media Dot Org "Dear Terrorists, the Great American Satan lives in D.C. Please leave the rest of us the f--k out of it."
Interfaith Communities for Peace and Justice Who would Jesus bomb? The answer might surprise you.
Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do My Dojang.
Martial Resource

A one-stop resource for martial arts information. Look at the Flash version. It's exceptional.

A nice cup of tea and a sit down Clever.
The Onion Current events-based political and social satire. Sample: "Bush gives France 30 Days to Speak English"


The most complete site you will ever find. Everything you ever wanted to know about quilting but didn't know you wanted to ask.
Rathergood.com Some brilliant and wacky animations by Joel Veitch. Check out the one entitled "Norse Gods".
Shan Tung Kung Fu My Dojo.
Tomato Nation Some very entertaining rants.
Vegigirl A good all-around resource. Also see Vegetarians in Paradise
Webmonkey Anything you want to learn about web programming, you can teach yourself...with the help of The Monkey.